Patient Story:

Managing COPD in the Home

Patient Name

Heidi (Patient name has been changed for privacy)


88-year-old Female


Lives alone in a single-family home with a paid caregiver during the day

Medical history

HTN, Hyperthyroidism, Fall/Fx, Left Breast CS, Fibroids, Depression, Renal Carcinoma, COPD


2 ER visits, 1 Hospitalization, SNF Stay

I was independent up until a month ago.  I will not return to a nursing facility; it was not a good experience for me.  I want to stay at home.

– Heidi; Prospero Patient

The Prospero Impact

After being referred to Prospero, Heidi’s interdisciplinary team completed an Initial Plan of Care that established the need for Serious Illness (SI) conversation and caregiver support. Soon after, Heidi used our 24-hour call center to request an acute care visit for COPD exacerbation, which ultimately prevented hospitalization and also helped her establish trust in our after-hours support team. Her Prospero team has since coordinated directly with her PCP to establish the proper COPD regimen. Her medication list was fully clarified and detailed administration instructions were given to her paid caregiver so that she can continue to provide Heidi with high quality care.

Note: Patient name has been changed to protect her privacy.