Patient Story: Caring for Both Husband and Wife

Patient Name



87-Year-Old Male


Patient lives at home with wife who is also primary caregiver

Medical history

Parkinson's, DM, Cerebral Infarction, HTN, CKD 4, COPD, SBO, Gout, CHF, BPH, CAD, Hiatal Hernia. Surgical history cardiac stent placement x3.


2 hospitalizations followed by SNF stay in 12 months

The Prospero Impact

Edgar started his relationship with Prospero with a serious illness conversation about his health status and trajectory of disease. Prospero contacted his PCP office to obtain an accurate medication list and begin to provide high quality care.

Edgar’s wife and caregiver was feeling very overwhelmed with her role, having multiple chronic conditions herself. She was also enrolled as a Prospero patient for her physical needs, and Prospero provided clear medical education for both her and her husband. They are now both being safely cared for at home, together.

Note: The patient’s name has been changed to protect his privacy.