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A new kind of care

A new kind of care.

When care is narrowly focused on a person’s illness, their hopes and wishes get lost in the shuffle. Prospero is working to change that.

Our physician-led teams provide home-based medical care to people living with serious illness so they may feel empowered to reclaim their story and write the next chapters of their lives with joy and dignity.

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What home-based medical care should feel like.

We are changing the narrative of how our loved ones live out their next chapters in life by establishing trust as the centerpiece of medical care. Prospero understands that when life becomes complex, we need to pay attention to every detail. That’s why we establish physician-led care teams who truly get to know people and family members living with serious illness. This kind of care puts people in control of their story. 

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Care built around the family. 

Every person defines the quality of their care differently. Sitting face-to-face in a comfortable environment, our Prospero care teams take time to truly get to know people and family members living with difficult conditions. The care plans we create together with families are designed to define what proper medical care looks like to them – at the time and place they feel most at home. 

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