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Doug Wenners, Co-Founder of Prospero Health, shares the personal experience that moved him to found Prospero.

For people living with complex health conditions, Prospero provides compassionate home-based medical care to make the next chapters the best they can be.

Life with serious illness brings challenges and uncertainty for people and their family. That’s where Prospero comes in. We build care around you and your loved ones, and in doing so, we lessen the burden that tends to fall on family. And, we’re always available to answer the call when someone has a question, or needs help.

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Our Mission

Empower people facing serious illness to live their best lives now by providing care when and where they need it, and with attention to all aspects of their wellbeing.

Our Vision

Create communities where care is determined by patient choice and preference, not dictated by circumstance.

The simple source of truth.

We created Prospero to reduce suffering for people with complex or chronic illness. Our care team meets them in the home to learn their story, understand how they want the next chapters of their life to look, and build trust. Families should know they can call us anytime – day or night – when they have a question or need medical care. We believe care should be decided by the patient and their loved ones, not by the circumstance of their illness. We’ll be here to provide medical care when and where they need it, and to make sure they are comfortable in the home. 

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Doug Wenners


Michael Scarbrough

Co-Founder & President

Dr. David Moen

President – Prospero Health Partners

Dr. Kristofer Smith

Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Theresa A. Soriano

Associate Chief Clinical Officer

Dr. Jeanette Boohene, Southwest Regional Medical Director At Prospero Health

Dr. Jeanette Boohene

Southwest Regional Medical Director

Dr. Keith Lagnese


Dr. Karen Reichow


Dr. Janet Starck

Midwest Regional Medical Director

Dr. Audrey Tan

Metropolitan Regional Medical Director

Your story matters. Let’s tell it well.

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Contact Us Prospero Management Services, LLC (“Management Company”) provides administrative, management and business support services to practices owned by licensed professionals that utilize the “Prospero” brand (“Practices”).  The Practices are committed to helping patients live their best lives now.  Control over clinical decision-making and the patient care provided is the responsibility of the Practices.  The Management Company does not determine or set the methods of patient care provided by the Practices, nor does it employ or supervise the clinicians who provide patient care.  Services may vary across the Practices.  As used throughout this website “Prospero Health” may refer to one or multiple Prospero-branded Practices, as there is no single provider of care called “Prospero Health.”