Our Communities of Care


Prospero is now supporting patients and families in Missouri. Our locally-based teams deliver compassionate support where it counts — on people’s home turf.

Meet your local care team

Dr. Rajeev Kumar

Dr. Rajeev Kumar

Midwest Regional Medical Director

John Stys

John Stys

Regional Vice President, Clinical Operations MW

Ann Lowry

Ann Lowry

Clinical Director – Missouri

Services offered by our Missouri care teams

Primary Care

  • Primary care and medication coordination
  • Translating primary care instructions
  • Understanding the diagnosis
  • Home-based Nursing Services

Chronic Condition Support

  • Assess in-home comfort and safety
  • Personal and emotional support
  • Developing action plans
  • Guidance to trouble-shoot problems
  • Accessing equipment and services covered by health plans
  • Family communication and coordination

Behavioral Health Support

  • Navigating stages of grief
  • Connecting to community resources
  • Support for grief and stress
  • Caregiver wellbeing assessments
  • Access to social support resources

We’re here for you, Missouri.

Learn more about Prospero home-based care and support services in your area.