Our Communities of Care

New Jersey

Prospero is now supporting patients and families in New Jersey. Our locally-based teams deliver compassionate support where it counts — on people’s home turf.

Meet your local care team

Dr. Grant

Dr. Heather Grant

Northeast Regional Medical Director

Fedra Sanchez-Salinas

Fedra Sanchez-Salinas

Regional Vice President, Clinical Operations

Tricia Coulanges

Tricia Coulanges

Clinical Director

Services offered by our New Jersey care teams

Primary Care

  • Primary care and medication coordination
  • Translating primary care instructions
  • Understanding the diagnosis
  • Home-based Nursing Services

Chronic Condition Support

  • Assess in-home comfort and safety
  • Personal and emotional support
  • Developing action plans
  • Guidance to trouble-shoot problems
  • Accessing covered equipment and services
  • Family communication and coordination

Behavioral Health Support

  • Navigating stages of grief
  • Connecting to community resources
  • Support for grief and stress
  • Caregiver wellbeing assessments
  • Access to social support resources
I want my patients to know they always have me in their corner.

Prospero Care Coordinator

New York

We’re here for you, New Jersey.

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