Let’s Partner Together for the Most Vulnerable Patients

Partner with Prospero to expand the care you provide into patients’ homes.

Patients with complex conditions require more time and resources. Prospero brings together an expert team, technology, and 24/7 support focused on the needs of patients living with complex or chronic illness, or those who have social and physical barriers to receiving care in a clinic.

You want to continue to provide the best care, but proper care requires additional resources in the patient’s home. That’s where Prospero comes in. Our interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and social workers reduce the burden on your staff from frequent calls and after-hours incidents, and help you ensure this growing population receives the best care.

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Benefits of Partnering with Prospero

  • Coordinated care resources
  • 24/7 patient and provider support
  • Easy-to-use patient technology
  • In-home care for patients with limited access to transportation
  • Less burden on your call center staff
  • Additional insights into your patient’s condition at home

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