Read: Prospero’s Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has created barriers to accessing care, particularly for those facing complex conditions. In response, Prospero’s team has innovated quickly by combining our compassionate home-based support with enhanced telemedicine offerings. This comprehensive care model is tailored to people’s needs and meets them where they are most comfortable and better treated – in the home. We are committed to ensuring the safety of those in our care, their families, and our clinicians and will continue to remain in compliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. We are also closely monitoring directives from state and local health departments.

If you have questions about how we can best support you or your loved one, call our team at 1-888-608-0499, TTY 711.


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  • Snow falling in back alley of Texas community

    A Prospero Social Worker’s Story During the Texas Freeze

    Prospero Health social worker Karen Possessky is no stranger to disaster. As a critical incident responder and American Red Cross volunteer, Karen has helped communities around the country recover from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, she spent six weeks at ground zero in New York City. When a historic winter […]

  • How Edie Moran found ‘Home’ at Prospero Health

    When the COVID-19 pandemic began sweeping through the United States late last winter, Edie Moran was settling into her new job as a medical social worker with Prospero Health in Chicago. Like many of us, Edie remembers those early days of the pandemic as a time of great anxiety and fear. But amidst all of […]

  • Prospero Stories: A Supportive Care Team, No Matter The Time

    The following is a true story; the names of the patient and caregiver in this story have been changed to protect their privacy. Images do not represent their likeness. Elizabeth Courtney, a Prospero triage nurse, was on-call after hours on a Monday night when she received an urgent phone call. Scott, a caregiver, was on […]

  • 11 Tips For Easing Your Loved One’s Loneliness During COVID

    Prospero Health care teams know firsthand how loneliness can impact a person’s quality of life. Our holistic approach to providing home-based support allows us to think creatively about how best to connect family members in our care. Following our prior post about creative ways to connect with loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are […]

  • The Impact of the COVID-19 Vaccine on Home Healthcare

    Our very own Prospero teammates spoke about the urgency of vaccinating people who are living with serious advanced illness. “We must have a way to deliver the vaccine to the homebound persons that need it the most,” said Dr. Michael Bond, a Texas-based Associate Medical Director for Prospero Health. Many Texans, such as 91-year-old Doyce Dillon, […]

  • hands holding phone

    How Prospero Health is Making People Feel Safe at Home

    Raymond Gibbard, a gentleman in his 80s, came under the care of Prospero Health in the spring of last year. As Raymond tells it, he was sitting at home one day when he received an unexpected call from a Prospero provider.  “All of a sudden, I had Antoinette and Gifty calling me,” he recalled. “I […]

  • elderly man holding sleeping child

    4 Ways to Connect With Loved Ones During Covid-19

    How can we stay in touch with those we love who may be physically or socially-distanced from us? At Prospero, we understand the challenges of connecting with loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. Face masks, social distancing, cancellation of non-essential medical appointments, and travel restrictions all make it difficult to know how they are doing. […]