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Home-Based Medical Care for Complex, Chronic Patients

Prospero is a home-based medical care provider that empowers people facing serious illness to remain safely at home.

We work with medical care organizations to extend and complement their patient support.

Here’s how we partner with…

Primary Care Physicians & Hospital Administrators

Extend your care into the homes of your chronic, complex patients with our physician-led teams, inventive technology, and 24/7 support.

Skilled Nursing Facilities & Providers

Following discharge, allow patients to receive the care they need within the comfort of their own home — helping avoid unwanted trips to the emergency room and urgent care clinics as well as reducing hospital readmissions.

Home Health Organizations

You take care of the day-to-day patient needs complemented by our multi-disciplinary medical care teams who handle long-term medical management and evaluation services

Keep your patients in good hands

Home-Based Medical Care

In-home medical care – wherever your patients call ‘home’ – helps reduce avoidable readmissions, even for complex, chronic patients.

24/7 Support

Our physician-led, multidisciplinary teams are always available. We provide both face-to-face and telephonic care in the home at scheduled appointments and when unexpected needs arise.

Medical Reconciliation

Prospero partners with you to ensure your patients’ care is coordinated and all of their needs are fully met.

Care Coordination

We facilitate comprehensive care coordination across all other existing providers, including your patients’ primary care providers.

Advance Care Planning

By proactively discussing advance care, we can help your patients make decisions that reflect their personal values and preferences with their loved ones.

Your partner in care, in 28 states.

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